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Meet The Team



Back 40 Firewood Founder,

Content Creator, BTU Maker


Mrs. Back 40

Behind the Scenes Motivator


Little Boss Man

Hard Worker in the Making,

Production Supervisor


Wood Hound Senior

Back 40 Original Wood Hound



Wood Yard Head Security,

Shadow to Little Boss Man

We get a lot of work done around the Back 40 operation, but the one theme that is always front and center is 'Have Fun'.

We work hard and play hard...we enjoy what we do and make the most of each day.

My tagline - Stay Safe, Have Fun, and Be Cool comes from how we live our lives day to day.

Staying safe in what we do.

Having fun doing what we do.

And being Cool is just a generalized way of saying be kind, be nice, treat others as you'd want to be treated, make someone smile, and enjoy the day and people around you.

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