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Welcome Wood Hounds

Welcome to the online home of Back 40 Firewood. Where Firewood, Family, Friends, and Fun are all bundled together. There’s a lot to see here online so check things out and check back for updates.

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From the days growing up on the farm to now in my own woodyard I’ve always enjoyed firewood. When I decided to turn firewood into a side hustle, I also decided to make creating content part of that. I love the process of both firewood and content creation. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you who have come along with me on this journey.

Thank you!

Firewood Fest

Please read info below and fill out the form if you are interested in attending. 

Gather up Wood Hounds! We are planning a day of fun-filled Wood Hound activities for Saturday October 28th in Cadott WI. 
This is your chance to make some firewood with a bunch of Wood Hounds and even run a few of the log splitters and machines featured on the Back 40 Firewood channel. If you are interested in brining your saw or your splitter please indicate that on the registration form. Space may be limited depending on how many machines people want to bring. If you indicate you are interested in bringing your splitter we will contact you to confirm.
Stay tuned for more details and we look forward to seeing you at Firewood Fest 2023 on Saturday October 28th. 

Firewood Fest 2023 Registration / RSVP
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